Snail Surprise!


This must be one of the most ingenious geocaches we have ever found! It was hidden in a fake snail. Not sure if it was a real shell or not, but it was so realistic. We overlooked it a couple of times and then Paul looked closer and realised what it might be!

The page is put together using Agenda from One Little Bird and elements from kits by Lynne Grieveson Designs. I made it for the template challenge over at The Lily pad and is by Paislee Press.

I’ve uploaded a few photos from our geocaching yesterday. The close ups of the snail are not that clear, but you get the idea. The other pic is of Sophie and Paul (and Poppy Dog) ย searching, just before the snail discovery. It was stuck on the side of the trough and was also magnetic. It was also the most beautiful, sunny Autumn Day in West Sussex ย ย ๐Ÿ™‚


craft-project667ย ย  craft-project-3

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